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Chapin Mesa is the well-known part of Mesa Verde and contains the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum which contains dioramas, artifacts and other exhibits that focus on the culture and daily life of these people.

Some of the archaeological sites featured in Chapin Mesa are Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree House and Balcony House. The roads running through the park are designed in such a way that even those who choose not to walk to the sites can still get an excellent view of the buildings from the canyon rim. There are many overlooks drivers can stop at.


Wetherill Mesa is not as well known as Chapin Mesa but contains the same kind of sites. It is home to Long House, the second largest cliff dwelling in the park. Other sites include Step House and the Badger House community. The roads running through Wetherill Mesa provide excellent opportunities to see the sites but it also allows visitors to view Montezuma Valley, Sleeping Ute Mountain and parts of eastern Utah. There are a variety of excellent tour options offered by the park service but most visitors choose the self-guiding approach so they can take their time at all the sites. The Visitors Center has maps with the self guided tours.